Young Dancer Classes

Through creative play and imaginative exercises, our very young dancers age 2.5 – 4 learn to connect rhythm and movement in group dance. These classes awaken the child to music and dance, coordination, and spatial/motor skills.

Community Classes for Young Dancers

We Dance Together Age 2.5 - 4

Parental (caregiver) participation offers gentle guidance and support as the child explores music and movement. There is no uniform for this class. Children and parents should wear their favorite outfit that is comfortable to move in.


Twinkle Toes Age 2.5 - 4

This engaging class uses structured play to encourage the exploration of music and movement.

Twinkle Toes helps children begin the learning process of  active listening and following instructions within a group dynamic. Children take this class without parents. There is no uniform for this class. Children should wear something fun and comfortable to move in.