Sunday Somatics

Sunday Somatics is a class based in The Feldenkrais Method® emphasizing gentler movements tailored to dancers for gathering tools for coordination, stability, alignment, and flexibility.

Wear loose, comfortable layers of clothing for movement. Bring small personal towel. Mats provided.

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Class Price

Single Class Rate – $15
Barre Only Rate – $11
Student Class Rate – $12*

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What to Expect

For your first class: It’s best to arrive 15 minutes before class starts in order to sign in, change, and stretch if needed. There will be a desk aide waiting to help you upon your arrival. Please always check in with the desk aide, even if you’ve already paid and pre-registered online.

Clothing: There is no dress code for adult students. We recommend clothing that allows free and unrestricted movement. You may want to dress in removable layers. Some dancers find themselves getting quite warm as class activities progress!

Footwear: Ballet slippers are recommended for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. Socks are an acceptable option for Bootcamp and Intro classes.

Signing up: You may pre-pay and pre-register online, or pay the desk aide upon your arrival. Please come to class a few minutes early for this purpose.

Class Format: The first half of each class begins with a ballet barre to stretch and warm up, and the final half of class involves short choreographed sequences in the center of the room or across the floor.

Choosing a level: The class descriptions are designed to help you choose an appropriate class. If you are unsure of which level would be best, our instructors are always available to help!