Youth Company Casting

Casting for the 2018 New Moves  Spring Showcase is listed below. Please note that Youth Company casting follows numbers (Cast 1 and 2). Youth Division dancers (Level 1–6) will have only one cast. Mandatory rehearsal schedules and performances for Cast 1 and 2 are below.

Casting subject to change.  Being called to learn a work does not guarantee that a dancer will perform in the particular piece.  The first several rehearsals for each piece will serve as an audition.  Dancers may ultimately be asked to perform, understudy, or cease attending rehearsals for a work based on their performance in rehearsals, their attendance to all classes (including modern), and their work ethic in all classes and rehearsals.

Youth Company agrees to mandatory:
Full call rehearsal on Sat. 4/21 – 12-6pm
Dress rehearsals on Wed./Thurs. 4/25 and 4/26, 3:30pm – 9:30pm
Performances on Sat. 4/28 (3p and 7p) and Sun. 4/29 (1p).

Beyond these mandatory rehearsals/performances, dancers are permitted two absences from rehearsals, which will be as scheduled from 12-6p on Saturdays and 6:45-8:15p on Mondays beginning Jan. 6-April 23.

*If you anticipate an absence on a Saturday or a Monday evening, please let us know asap so that we can adjust the schedule accordingly when possible.

*BSO collaboration dancers (“New Works”) agree to above committment plus:
Mandatory full call (all “New Work” dancers & musicians) rehearsal @ BBT on Fri. 4/27 from 3-10p,
Performance on Sat. 4/28 at 11a
Performance on Sun. 4/29 at 7p.

New work, Thiessen
Sun. Feb. 25
Fri. March 2
Sun. March 4

New work, Saghari
Thurs. March 1
Fri. March 2
Sun. March 4

Also, dancers acknowledge that, as a collaboration with other artists, there may be additional rehearsals called for this special opportunity. We will update dancers as soon as possible regarding such additions, but want to note that such updates to the rehearsal schedule may occur.

Youth Company Rhapsody Casting

Rhapsody (Dekkers) Dancers
IntroductionAll Youth Division
Variation 1Level 1 - 3
ThemeLevel 4-6
Variation 2Level 7
Variation 3Level 8
Variation 4Duet 1a: Audrey Jones/Eugene Bolgatz and Nina Owen/Owen Mink and Cameron Heanue/Ian Segall
Variation 5Level 1
Variation 6Level 2
Variation 7Level 3
Variation 8Mens' Trio: Ian Segall, Owen Mink, Laz Lune, Eugene Bolgatz, Moses Abrahamson, Elias Coerver
Variation 9Level 4
Variation 10Level 4 & Ashira Bloom and Elizabeth Lee
Variation 11Duet 2: Moses Abrahamson/Mai Corkins and Georgia Davidson/Elias Coerver and Laz Lune/Shannon Landheer
Variation 12Level 5
Variation 13Mens' Duet: Ian Segall, Owen Mink, Laz Lune, Eugene Bolgatz, Moses Abrahamson, Elias Coerver
Variation 14Level 6
Variation 15Womens Quintet: Maya Bloemhard, Georgia Davidson, Nina Kelley, Lorenza Bartu, Frances Pine-Rinella, Shannon Landheer, Leanne Blum, Eloise Henry, Julie Deleger, Cameron Heanue, Bebe Aronson, Elizabeth Inami
Variation 16 Level 7
Variation 17Level 8
Variation 18Duet 1b: Eugene Bolgatz/Audrey Jones and Owen Mink/Nina Owen and Cameron Heanue/Ian Segall
Variation 19Duet 1 solo: Eugene Bolgatz, Owen Mink, Ian Segall
Variation 20Duet 1 solo: Audrey Jones, Nina Owen, Cameron Heanue
Variation 21Triple Pas: Ian Segall, Nina Owen, Owen Mink, Shannon Landheer, Laz Lune, Nina Kelley, Eugene Bolgatz, Audrey Jones, Moses Abrahamson, Maya Bloemhard, Elias Coerver, Lorenza Bartu
Variation 22Level 8 women
Variation 23Maya Bloemhard, Ashira Bloom, Nina Owen, Elias Coerver, Ian Segall, Eugene Bolgatz, Audrey Jones, Moses Abrahamson, Mai Corkins, Elizabeth Lee, Shannon Landheer, Owen Mink, Georgia Davidson
Variation 24All Youth Division

New Works Casting

PieceDancers Choreographer
New Work #1Georgia Davidson, Elias Coerver, Nina Owen, Eugene Bolgatz, Nina Kelley, Owen Mink, Moses AbrahamsonO'Malley
New Work #2Nina Owen, Audrey Jones, Elizabeth Inami, Clara Castronovo, Violet Buxton-Walsh, Julie Deleger, Karina WeidlinSaghari
New Work #3Ashira Bloom, Mai Corkins, Maya Bloemhard, Monique Jonath, Elizabeth Lee, Moses Abrahamson, Shannon Landheer, Zoe Carr, Leanne Blum, Lorenza Bartu, Owen Mink, Devon WoodThiessen
Chopin for TwoAudrey Jones/Eugene Bolgatz, Cameron Heanue/Elias CoerverStreets
OMoses Abrahamson, Bebe Aronson, Lorenza Bartu, Maya Bloemhard, Ashira Bloom, Leanne Blum, Aria Killebrew Bruehl, Violet Buxton-Walsh, Zoe Carr, Clara Castronovo, Mai Corkins, Georgia Davidson, Julie Deleger, Elizabeth Inami, Monique Jonath, Audrey Jones, Cameron Heanue, Eloise Henry, Nina Kelley, Shannon Landheer, Elizabeth Lee, Adrianne Marcellin-Little, Nina Owen, Frances Pine-Rinella, Karina Weidlin, Devon WoodRowe