Youth Company Casting

Welcome to the 2017–2018 Youth Company! Congratulations to the dancers on a wonderful audition—we are so excited for the year ahead.

Casting for the 2017 Nutcracker production is below. Please note that Youth Company casting follows numbers (Cast 1 and 2). Youth Division dancers (Level 1–6) will have letter casting (Cast A, B, and C). Mandatory rehearsal schedules and performances for Cast 1 and 2 are below. Artistic Staff reserves the right to change casting if necessary.

Cast 1 and 2 Full Call Rehearsals:
Saturday, 12/02 and 12/09, 12:00pm–6:00pm

Cast 1
Mandatory Rehearsals:
Wednesday, 12/13, 3:30pm–7:30pm
Thursday, 12/14*, 6:00pm–9:00pm

Friday, 12/15, 7:00pm
Saturday, 12/16, 3:00pm
Sunday, 12/17, 11:00am

Cast 2
Mandatory Rehearsals:
Thursday, 12/14, 3:30pm–6:30pm
Thursday, 12/14*, 6:00pm–9:00pm

Saturday, 12/16, 11:00am
Saturday, 12/16, 7:00pm
Sunday, 12/17, 3:00pm

*The dress rehearsal on Thursday, 12/14 will be a mix of Youth Company Casts 1 and 2 depending on Guest Artist availability and other factors.

RoleCast 1Cast 2Understudy
Sugar Plum and CavalierAudrey Jones, Christian SquiresMaya Bloemhard, Alex McCleeryEugene Bolgatz
Snow Queen and KingRuby Wilks, Eugene BolgatzRuby Wilks, Eugene BolgatzAshira Bloom, Elias Coerver
Clara and FritzNina Kelley, Elias CoerverElizabeth Inami, Elias CoerverNina Owen, Owen Mink
MirlitonFrances Pine-Rinella, Eloise HenryElizabeth Lee, Mai CorkinsLorenza Bartu, Zoe Carr, Bebe Aaronson
SpanishIan Segall (12/15 7pm, 12/16 11am, 12/16 7pm, 12/17 11am), Owen Mink (12/16 11am, 12/16 3pm, 12/16 7pm, 12/17 3pm)Laz Lune (12/15 7pm, 12/16 3pm, 12/17 11am, 12/17 3pm)
ArabianMai Corkins, Alex McCleeryAshira Bloom, Christian SquiresViolet Buxton-Walsh, Owen Mink
RussianKarina Weidlin, Lorenza BartuKarina Weidlin, Monique JonathAria Killebrew Bruehl, Leanne Blum
ButterflyElizabeth InamiLeanne BlumRuby Wilks
AngelsMonique Jonath, Ashira Bloom, Elizabeth LeeJulie Deleger, Bebe Aronson, Lorenza BartuZoe Carr, Aria Killebrew Bruehl
ChineseNina Owen, Julie DelegerCameron Heaune, Eloise HenryDevon Wood
Ballerina DollGeorgia Davidson (12/15 7pm & 12/16 3pm), Nina Owen (12/17 11am)Frances Pine-Rinella (12/16 11am & 12/16 7pm), Zoe Carr (12/17 3pm)Cameron Heanue
Soldier DollOwen Mink (Cast A, 12/15 7pm and 12/16 11am), Laz Lune (Cast B, 12/16 3pm and 12/16 7pm)Ian Segall (Cast C, 12/17 11am and 12/17 3pm)
Snow Corps 1Karina WeidlinNina OwenJulie Deleger
Snow Corps 2Leanne BlumNina KelleyCameron Heanue
Snow Corps 3Devon WoodFrances Pine-RinellaDevon Wood
Snow Corps 4Eloise HenryLorenza BartuElizabeth Inami
Snow Corps 5Monique JonathAshira BloomGeorgia Davidson
Snow Corps 6Elizabeth Lee (12/15 7pm & 12/16 3pm), Bebe Aaronson (12/17 11am)Mai Corkins (12/16 11am & 12/17 3pm), Bebe Aaronson (12/16 7pm)Bebe Aronson
FlowersZoe CarrZoe CarrMai Corkins
Bebe AaronsonBebe AaronsonMonique Jonath
Violet Buxton-WalshViolet Buxton-WalshEloise Henry
Leanne BlumNina OwenLorenza Bartu
Arianne Marcellin-LittleArianne Marcellin-LittleAshira Bloom
Georgia DavidsonGeorgia DavidsonFrances Pine-Rinella
Aria Killebrew BruehlAria Killebrew BruehlNina Kelley
Devon WoodDevon WoodNina Owen
Cameron HeanueJulie DelegerLeanne Blum
Finale Flowers12/15 7pm12/16 11am12/16 3pm
Zoe CarrZoe CarrZoe Carr
Bebe AronsonBebe AronsonBebe Aronson
Violet Buxton-WalshViolet Buxton-WalshViolet Buxton-Walsh
Georgia DavidsonDevon WoodAria Killebrew Bruehl
Cameron HeanueNina OwenArianne Marcellin-Little
Leanne BlumJulie DelegerGeorgia Davidson
12/16 7pm12/17 11am12/17 3pm
Zoe CarrZoe CarrZoe Carr
Bebe AronsonBebe AronsonBebe Aronson
Violet Buxton-WalshViolet Buxton-WalshViolet Buxton-Walsh
Aria Killebrew BruehlAria Killebrew BruehlAria Killebrew Bruehl
Arianne Marcellin-LittleArianne Marcellin-LittleArianne Marcellin-Little
Devon WoodCameron HeanueJulie Deleger